Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A new chapter in our household...

So we had to give away our cat this past weekend...after having her nearly 8 years. She refused to adjust to our children after 4 years, so we gave her to an older guy who lives alone. Hopefully she'll adjust to her new home. But for the first time since moving in together, hubby and I have a pet free home. I'm still not adjusted to it, and already looking at dogs to adopt. Reason I want a dog and not another cat, you ask? A walking/running partner. :)

Yup, that's right...this chubby girl is gonna lose some chub! My friend has been storing my treadmill while we lived in apartments and didn't have room for it, and I'm going to be getting that from her soon. I'm also going to look into a zumba game for my ps3, playing some DDR on my ps3, and when the weather warms up - biking and walking. :) Oh, and I think we're getting a trampoline too. Wish me luck!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tired, but happy!

So, lots of little things have been happening as of late. Our little house is finally starting to look like a house and not an over-sized storage unit.for one! It's been a long process, having a Velcro Baby who REALLY hates when you put her down, a three year old who can destroy a room in about one-fourth of the time it takes for you to clean it, and being the only person home long enough to DO said cleaning. It's taking me awhile...

Also, after getting sick of Adie making progress in potty training, only to start all over from scratch a day or two later, we decided to rid ourselves of all pull ups/night time training pants, ect. Instead, real panties and pads on the bed. (Almost like house training a puppy lol) So far, I've had a couple messes to clean, but that's life I guess! We were going to the potty every hour, and she was doing good, then decided she'd rather play than potty, so now we're going to start going every 15 minutes. That way, she gets that playing can wait, and potty is most important right now. At least she can't stand the feel of messy undies (she probably could tolerate a wet pull up for hours if we let her...)

I'm trying to get Velcro Baby to be just a TEENY bit more independent. I would really like to have her be able to take a nap by herself, so I'm not confined to my bed while she's one reason I can't get as much around here as I'd like to. But if she stirs while I'm even getting out of my bed, she throws a major fit until I climb back into the bed with her. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE that I have a momma's girl...esp since Adie was so independent, but I can't have her constantly attached to me, or I'll lose what tiny shred of sanity I have left!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Show your Breastfeeding Support on Facebook!!

I need give credit where credit is due...I asked my close friend mamachrista over at The Good Letdown because I'm not only a breastfeeding mom, but slowly turning into a lactivist. So, if you support breastfeeding, PLEASE read on!!

To quote mamachrista:

"Earlier today (yes, it's been a day of posts from TGL) Mother Hen brought up the point that we shouldn't blame facebook because they aren't trolling for breastfeeding groups. While yes, this is true, and we DO absolutely need to blame the group of people who appear to be directly targeting The Leaky B@@B, facebook still has these rules that allows this to continue to happen and something must be done. I'm not saying I have all the answers but for now, lets join together and check out the support groups for bringing back TLB on facebook:

There is also a virtual nurse in occuring on Friday January 7. You don't need to post a picture of you breastfeeding or even be a breastfeeding mom...or even be a mom. You can use this picture: 

Mamachrista summed it up beautifully. We need to support breastfeeding moms!! Breastfeeding is NOT OBSCENE, SHAMEFUL, OR WRONG!! It's the most natural and beneficial thing for your baby. PLEASE help us support The Leaky B@@b, and other breastfeeding support groups/sites on Facebook!!