Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Show your Breastfeeding Support on Facebook!!

I need give credit where credit is due...I asked my close friend mamachrista over at The Good Letdown because I'm not only a breastfeeding mom, but slowly turning into a lactivist. So, if you support breastfeeding, PLEASE read on!!

To quote mamachrista:

"Earlier today (yes, it's been a day of posts from TGL) Mother Hen brought up the point that we shouldn't blame facebook because they aren't trolling for breastfeeding groups. While yes, this is true, and we DO absolutely need to blame the group of people who appear to be directly targeting The Leaky B@@B, facebook still has these rules that allows this to continue to happen and something must be done. I'm not saying I have all the answers but for now, lets join together and check out the support groups for bringing back TLB on facebook:

There is also a virtual nurse in occuring on Friday January 7. You don't need to post a picture of you breastfeeding or even be a breastfeeding mom...or even be a mom. You can use this picture: 

Mamachrista summed it up beautifully. We need to support breastfeeding moms!! Breastfeeding is NOT OBSCENE, SHAMEFUL, OR WRONG!! It's the most natural and beneficial thing for your baby. PLEASE help us support The Leaky B@@b, and other breastfeeding support groups/sites on Facebook!!

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