Friday, December 17, 2010

Know what really grinds my gears?!

Here's a cookie to anyone who got that reference. :) Anyway...

Seeing all these statuses on Facebook about people being pissed because they have to say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" mildly grinds my gears. You're upset about the fact you have to say Happy Holidays, so you don't offend someone of another religion, but YOU'RE offended because you can't say Merry Christmas? That this country was founded on Christian beliefs? Really?? WTF, that's news to me! I thought it was founded on religious freedom... Let me give you an example of one such status that I've seen on a couple people's FB pages:

"They say: We can't say Merry Christmas anymore, now we have to say Happy Holidays. They say: We can't call it a Christmas tree, it's now called a Holiday tree because it might offend someone. I say: If you don't like our customs, and it offends you so much then LEAVE!!!!. These are OUR traditions & HOLY days to most people. If you agree with this please post this as your status...MERRY CHRISTMAS GOD BLESS US ALL :)" (good grief, they even end it with a fucking smiley...)
 Since when is "Christmas" in any way "our" (the United States) official custom or belief?? For one thing,  celebrations around Christmas time are over 4,000 years old. What's that?! It's been celebrated not only  before America was founded but BEFORE JESUS WAS BORN?! Srlsly?!?! Yup. For example, Yule is celebrated on day of the Winter Solstice.. Huh...that happens to be JUST BEFORE Christmas... In fact, Jesus wasn't born in December, he was born in the spring or summer time.But since there were so many holidays of other religions right around that time, and Christians wanted to convert the non-believers, they hijacked other religions' holidays and claimed them as their own
Also, those lovely red and green decorations?? Pagan. The "Holiday (name you despise for it) tree"? Pagan. Giving and receiving gifts? Pagan. The holly and mistletoe? Gee, that's Pagan too..... 12 Days of Christmas is Pagan too??? No way!!! 

Next thing you're gonna say is all the bunnies and eggs in Easter are Christian too...what, did the Easter Bunny find Jesus in a brightly colored egg on the third day after his passing??
For any loyal reader(s) who may not already know this, I'm *gasp* Pagan. Yes, that's right, I'm not a Christian. Now, before you start screaming that I'm being intolerant, let me tell you now that I have no problem with Christianity. I really don't. I don't have a problem with ANY religion as long as it teaches peace and tolerance (in other words, Satanism is out in my book lol). What I have DO a problem with are these overzealous fuckers who try to shove said Christianity down EVERYONE'S throats. I'm not offended if someone wishes me Merry Christmas, so go right ahead! You can wish me Merry/Happy Whatever-the-hell you want, as long as it's sincere. Unlike most people, I understand that not EVERYONE is the same religion, and some people are even *gasp* ATHEIST!. I also realize that our country WAS founded on freedom of religion. I won't get angry and offended UNLESS I'm being FORCED to celebrate a holiday I don't choose to. Just remember what religious intolerance causes - instances like the World Trade Center attacks... You don't want to be like those people, do you? People who get ridiculously angry about not being able to say Merry Christmas aren't too far from the nut jobs who flew the planes into the Towers in my opinion.

And the way I see it, saying "if you don't like it, LEAVE" is showing religious intolerance.. If that's the way you feel, then I tip my hat and say good day to you. If you can't tolerate my choices, I won't bother you with them

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  1. Shane and I had a similar conversation the other day while shopping for clearance christmas stuff