Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fun weeknd of unpacking!!! Not.....

Well, it sounds like the weather this weekend will be perfect for getting our butts in gear and getting unpacked. Moving sucks - especially when it has to be in the middle of winter, and spur of the moment.

For you see, loyal reader(s) we were evicted for having a cat. A cat who had NO claws, DOESN'T spray, and only goes potty in her litter box. An angel of a cat - even if she's a social retard. It's nice not having to shoo her out of the windows though. I think she was depressed because she couldn't be a normal cat...she had to hide, lest she be seen by the landlords. I mean, God forbid someone has a furry member of their family in Minot.......unless their husband is really hairy. ANYWAY.....

We stumbled upon a really good deal with a single wide trailer. So yay! We're officially trailer trash!! (that's a joke to all you sensitive people out there...) It's bare bones, but it has 3 bedrooms and a bathroom, so that's enough for us. Not to mention our cat is free to sit in the windows, and we have a yard for the girls to play in! Anyway, my Schwan's Man just got home, so off to spend quality time with him and my Velcro Baby :)

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