Thursday, December 9, 2010

So I'm feelin' crafty...

I think I'm going to look into making and selling jewelry, and more specifically nursing necklaces. For those of you who might be wondering "What in the world is a nursing necklace?!" it's a necklace designed for breastfeeding mothers. It gives baby something to do other than scratch, pinch, or tug on mommy's hair while nursing. Seeing as I have my own nursling who's a distracted eater, why not make one for myself and any other mothers with distracted little ones?

I'm also looking to expand into other jewelry and sell it where ever I set up shop for massage. Granted, I won't be setting up shop anywhere for a while (I still need to take my friggin' boards and get licensed), but maybe this can be a way to bring in some extra money until I CAN practice. Now that the hubs and I are in a better financial situation, maybe I can finally do some fun and crafty side projects. I know jewelry is just one thing on my crafting bucket list. I want to learn to crochet and also want to start quilting. I have a lot of family and friends who do both that can teach me.

So, I guess if any of the two or maybe three people who read this want to give me suggestions for a name to sell my products under, fire away!

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  1. alot of people sell stuff on, or ebay it (I know you know how to do that!)